The Lake House by Kate Morton a short review

lake house

Kate Morton’s novels all share a similar plot–a secret that has been kept for years, a child at the center of the mystery, and a lovely country estate.  This much we know going in.  Characters are sympathetic.  We like them.  Misunderstandings abound.  Long-standing beliefs are called into question.   Morton is adept at creating the mystery and keeping us reading in order to solve it.  Usually it’s something we’ve suspected, but red herrings rear their heads at frequent intervals.

The Lake House is no different.  Published in 2015, it is Morton’s most recent, follows her writing recipe, and is a pleasant read.  However, the denouement of The Lake House is so chock full of unbelievable coincidences, I was sorely disappointed.  Readers are willing to suspend their disbelief to a certain point, but she crosses that line and keeps on going.  If you don’t mind a disappointing, wholly unconvincing ending, you will probably enjoy this book.

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