Vintage Paperbacks: Flash Gordon

Vintage Flash Gordon

New in our vintage paperbacks this week are several FLASH GORDON books! We have books 1 through 4 with a double of book 3. All of them are Ace Tempo except for book 2, which is an earlier Avon printing (1974).

Vintage Flash Gordon

A SPACESHIP CAPTURED in a magnetic field and pulled beneath the earth into an underground city, FLASH GORDON jumps to safety only to be caught in the web of a giant man-eating spider, then saved by a titian haired beauty.
Pan, a madman musician, seeks to rule a planet by the shattering effects of ultra-high frequency sound.
Romance, spine tingling adventure, the sciences of the future, all combine to make THE PLAGUE OF SOUND a book you won’t put down.

Our price is $5.00 each.



Behind the scenes–the next step

After we have chosen the books we want to buy, each book is entered into our computer and on-line inventories. We also scan a picture, for on-line shopping, of books that don’t already have a stock picture. Then the books are moved to the cleaning table. Here is Katherine Ann entering books into inventory, and moving books from the “to be entered” stack over to the “to be cleaned” table.



Staff Recommendation: Ender’s Game

Staff Recommendation - Ender's Game

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

This enduringly popular 1985 science fiction novel is considered an influential must-read classic in the genre. It’s suitable for young readers as well as adults. It was adapted into a movie in 2013.

If you enjoy(ed) this book, the second novel in this series, Speaker for the Dead, is also well-loved (though Ender’s Game works just fine as a stand-alone story).


Vintage Paperback: The Four Day Weekend


“What happens to a man when a woman is the boss – even in the 21st Century?”

From our vintage sci fi/fantasy section is this 1966 gem by George Henry Smith, The Four Day Weekend.

The Four Day Weekend - Vintage Paperback

From the back of the book:

It was impossible, of course, because the machines had been ruling everything for 100 years, so what could they revolt against?
They decided people had outlived their usefulness to them, and that genocide of 4 billion people on Planet Earth was the best policy.
And into this incredible situation Charles Henry Hyde was thrust, with a shrew of a wife named Agnes who nagged like it was 1966…

Our price is $5.00.

New Arrivals: Vintage Science Fiction

This week we’ve added a large batch of paperbacks to our “Vintage Science Fiction/Fantasy” section!

There’s a great selection of authors represented in this batch, including quite a few Poul Anderson, Robert Heinlein, and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Stop by and browse in-store or take a look in our online shop!


L. Ron Hubbard

Did you know that L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, is the same L. Ron Hubbard as the science fiction author? I didn’t put the two together until quite recently!

We currently have several of his books in stock:

Battlefield Earth (1984 paperback – $5.00)
The Invaders Plan (1985 Book Club Edition – $8.00)
Black Genesis (1986 Book Club Edition – $8.00)
Dianetics: The Original Thesis ($8.00)

Star Wars: Art Book & Novels

We’ve just received a handful of Star Wars books:

The Art of The Empire Strikes Back ($8.75)

And all three novels of a three-book cycle by Timothy Zahn:
Star Wars: Heir to the Empire ($8.00)
Star Wars: Dark Force Rising ($8.00)
Star Wars: The Last Command ($8.00)

All of these books are in great condition and come covered in a clear protective book jacket.