Vocabulary of the Vietnam War

Two reference books about the language and words of the Vietnam War have just arrived:

Words of the Vietnam War by Gregory R. Clark – $28.95

In the Field: The Language of the Vietnam War by Linda Reinberg – $38.75

Both books are packed with definitions and explanations of acronyms, nicknames, brand names, technical terms, and slang from the Vietnam War. You can browse through these at our store or purchase online.

New Arrivals: Alternative Medicine

We’ve received a big batch of books on alternative health topics this week: herbs, flowers, essential oils, and more! Click on any photo below to enlarge:

Healthy Healing: An Alternative Healing Reference – $13.95

Planetary Herbology – $9.50

Reference Guide for Essential Oils – $35.00

Advanced Bach Flower Therapy – $9.95

50 Most Common Medicinal Herbs – $9.95

The Herbal Medicine-Makers Handbook: A Home Manual – $15.00

The New Age Herbalist – $11.50

Herbs & Things: A Compendium of Practical and Exotic Herbal Lore – $12.45

You can browse the Health section in-store or by category in our online shop.

Are you a freq – geek? Take the wayback machine to the vacuum tube era.

Pictorial Guide to Color TV Circuit Troubles

Using your ‘scope to troubleshoot tube-type color TVs. If you remember this, you walked with the dinosaurs my friend.

Dictionary of Electronics

Again, defining the terms you need to know when working the test bench with Barney Rubble.

Basic Electronic Test Procedures

Remember caring about ohms per volt and tapping the meter if you didn’t get the reading you wanted? This one covers that era.

Basic Radio Course

Tube type radio, Baby.

Handbook of Modern Electronic Data

Great basic AC/DC circuits and math handbook.

New Arrival: Dictionary of Imaginary Places

The Dictionary of Imaginary Places has just arrived at the Book Shop.

From the back of the book:

From Atlantis to Xanadu, this Baedeker of make-believe takes readers on a tour of more than 1,200 lands invented by storytellers from Homer’s day to our own. Shangri-La and El Dorado are here, as are Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Kafka’s Castle, Robinson Crusoe’s Island, and Carroll’s Wonderland. Here, too, are the Beatles’ Pepperland, the Marx Brothers’ Freedonia, Jurassic Park, a strange little town called Stepford, and J.K. Rowling’s Hogwarts. Written with wit and insight, The Dictionary of Imaginary Places belongs in the library of every dedicated reader, fantasy fan, or passionate browser.

Our price is $13.50.

Vintage Book: Glass, Brass, & Chrome

A vintage 1972 edition of Glass, Brass, & Chrome: The American 35mm Miniature Camera by Kalton C. Lahue and Joseph A. Bailey is now available at the Book Shop.

The following is an excerpt from the inside sleeve:

In this book Lahue and Bailey present an absorbing, nostalgic account of American 35mm “hardware,” its evolution from a German idea, and the role it played in making photography America’s number one hobby. The book is profusely illustrated, including photographs of rare cameras that have become collectors’ items.

The Book Shop price is regularly $15.00 but this book is currently marked down to half off.