From So Simple A Beginning

From So Simple A Beginning

A collectible hardcover edition of From So Simple A Beginning: The Four Great Books of Charles Darwin, introduction by Edward O. Wilson, is now in stock. It comes in a nice slipcase and is in beautiful condition!

From So Simple A Beginning

Our price is $18.50. Find it in our science section or shop it online!


ALL the Bird Books!


Well, I guess we don’t have ALL the bird books, but we do have a large selection of them right now. In fact, we have so many that we couldn’t fit them on their usual shelf, so we created a bird themed table display in the cozy lower level of the store!

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Butterflies Pop-Up Book

Have you seen any of Robert Sabuda‘s beautiful pop-up books? I’m becoming a bigger fan of his work with each book that I encounter. One of his books was among our new arrivals this week, the Young Naturalist’s Pop-Up Handbook: Butterflies by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart.

Robert Sabuda’s books are real show-stoppers for any fine book collector’s shelves and I think they’d also make wonderful gifts for book lovers of all ages! In addition to their pure aesthetic appeal, his books on science and nature are accurate, informative, and the facts are told in an engaging way.

Our price is $28.00; find it in our “Collectible/Rare” bookcase.

New Arrival: Locust

A new arrival in our nonfiction nature section is Locust: The Devastating Rise and Mysterious Disappearance of the Insect that Shaped the American Frontier by Jeffrey A. Lockwood.

From the Goodreads description:

In 1876, the U.S. Congress declared the locust “the single greatest impediment to the settlement of the country between Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains.” Throughout the nineteenth century, swarms of locusts regularly swept across the American continent, turning noon into dusk, devastating farm communities, and bringing trains to a halt. The outbreaks subsided in the 1890s, and then, suddenly—and mysteriously—the Rocky Mountain locust vanished. A century later, entomologist Jeffrey Lockwood vowed to discover why Locust is the story of how one insect shaped the history of the western United States. A compelling personal narrative drawing on historical accounts and modern science, this beautifully written book brings to life the cultural, economic, and political forces at work in America in the late nineteenth century, even as it solves one of the greatest extinction mysteries of our time.

Our price is $8.75.

Vintage Books: The Great Outdoors

A batch of vintage books on the general theme of the outdoors, wilderness, and nature guides has arrived this week.

My Lost Wilderness: Adventures of an Alaskan Hunter and Guide by Ralph W. Young (1983) – $9.50

North American Canoe Country by Calvin Rutstrum (1968) – $8.50

In the Strong Woods: A Season Alone in the North Country by Paul Lehmberg (1980) – $8.00

Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants by Bradford Angier (1974) – $6.45

How to Live in the Woods on Pennies a Day by Bradford Angier (1978) – $8.00

Also pictured:
Ceramic deer figurine – $15.00

New Arrival: Throwim Way Leg

In new arrivals this week is Throwim Way Leg: Tree-Kangaroos, Possums, and Penis Gourds by Tim Flannery.

From the back of the book, a quote from Jared Diamond:

This book combines an irresistible author with an irresistible subject: Tim Flannery, a great zoologist and writer about science, relating his explorations of New Guinea, a vivid tropical universe. The result is a dangerous book that you pick up at your peril, because it is so hard to put down.

Our price is $8.75.

New Arrivals: Vintage Nature Guides

A batch of wonderful vintage nature guide books in great condition have arrived at the Book Shop, not limited to those pictured below.


North American Bird Eggs, copyright 1965 (trade paperback $5.00) and American Wildlife & Plants: A Guide to Wildlife Food Habits, copyright 1961 (trade paperback $8.00).


Wildflowers of Iowa Woodlands, copyright 1979 (trade paperback $6.00), A Golden Guide to Spiders and their Kin, copyright 1968 (paperback $3.50), and The Prairie Garden, copyright 1980 from University of Wisconsin Press (hardcover $8.00).