New Arrival: Jay’s Journal of Anomalies

Jay's Journal of Anomalies

This unusual book caught our eyes here this week: Jay’s Journal of Anomalies by Ricky Jay. It’s a bit of a challenge to describe, so here’s an excerpt from the book flap:

For the past four years, the multitalented Ricky Jay (sleight-of-hand artist, author, actor, film consultant, and scholar of the unusual) has published a unique and beautifully designed quarterly called Jay’s Journal of Anomalies. Already a coveted collector’s item, the complete set is gathered here for the first time. A brilliant excursion into the history of bizarre entertainments, the journal covered such subjects as dogs stealing acts from other dogs, an anthropological hoax involving the only survivors of a caste of ancient Aztec priests, and the ultimate diet: ingesting only air.In a delectably deadpan and winning style, Jay conveys his admiration and affection for the offbeat that characterized his bestselling Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women. He explains how wags since the sixteenth century have cheated at bowling; he explores the ancient relationship between conjuring and dentistry; and he chronicles the exploits of ceiling walkers and human flies. Crammed full of illustrations drawn from the author’s massive personal archive, Jay’s Journal of Anomalies will baffle, instruct, and, above all, delight.

Jay's Journal of Anomalies

The book is a joy to page through – it’s beautifully designed and packed with bizarre posters and illustrations!

Our price is $14.00.

Behind the scenes–the next step

After we have chosen the books we want to buy, each book is entered into our computer and on-line inventories. We also scan a picture, for on-line shopping, of books that don’t already have a stock picture. Then the books are moved to the cleaning table. Here is Katherine Ann entering books into inventory, and moving books from the “to be entered” stack over to the “to be cleaned” table.



Behind the Scenes

We thought our readers might be interested in knowing what happens to their books after we buy them. Our books are carefully chosen, in like-new condition, clean, they’ve been entered into our computer and online databases, and carefully shelved so they’re easy to find. They don’t go right from your box or bag to the shelf! Here’s what we do (more entries coming up):


The first thing we do when you bring your books in is look at each book to determine if it’s a book we want to buy. Is it in like-new condition? Is it timely? Do we already have it? How well has it sold when we’ve had it before? Here’s Jenny choosing books to buy.

Mari Sandoz: Chronicler of the Nebraska Sandhills, the Lakota and the Old West

Just through the door, a collection of 14 vintage hardcover volumes of Mari Sandoz works including Old Jules, and Crazy Horse. Mari Sandoz wrote the biographical Old Jules about her father (who resisted her career as a writer) in response to his dying request. Her biography of the Lakota leader Crazy Horse “Crazy Horse – The Strange Man of the Oglalas” has been acclaimed for it’s effort in dialect and idiom to capture an authentic Lakota perspective. She wrote about Nebraska and the Nebraska Sandhills, about pioneer life in the Old West, and a series of three books about the buffalo.

All volumes are $9.95

Mari Sandoz at BookShop Sioux Falls

Rick Riordan’s The Kane Chronicals # 1-3

Rick Riordan’s children’s series The Kane Chronicles book 1-3 is here in hardcover!

The Throne of Fire – $9.00

The Red Pyramid – $9.00

The Serpent’s Shadow – $9.00

Rick Riordan on BookShop Sioux Falls

Deadline by John Sandford: A review



Your friends and neighbors on the school board may not be the kind of people you thought they were. They might be murderers. And after they kill the reporter who has uncovered the millions of dollars the board members have embezzled from the school budget, more and more people crop up who need to be murdered in order to keep the lucrative secret.

But fear not. Virgil Flowers is on the scene. He’s already in town, in fact, trying to uncover a dog kidnapping ring as a favor to his friend Johnson Johnson. Dogs in the area have been stolen and are on their way to labs for loathsome experiments.

Just who and how many people will end up dying at the hands of the school board is anybody’s guess. And will Virgil find the beloved pets before they are shipped off to have unspeakable things done to them?

Sandford is in his element with the eighth Virgil Flowers installment. Virgil is his sweet, sexy, nonconformist self, skirting Davenport’s orders (a little) while he hunts the murderers and the dognappers. Is this what he was up to while Davenport was up to his ears in dead bodies in Field of Prey, and Virgil was “unavailable?” We think so.

A good, fun read. Deadline, by John Sandford. $13.95 at The Book Shop.

Facsimile Edition: For Whom The Bell Tolls

We’ve just received a 1968 facsimile first edition of Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls. According to a First Edition Library information insert in the book, the basis for the text and dust jacket of this printing is a privately owned first edition copy.

This collectible book comes with a hard slipcase of the same outer design as the book. Our price is $35.00.