New Arrival: How to Tell if your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

You Cat is Plotting to Kill You

“This is not a yawn. This is your cat’s war face.”

New this week is How to Tell if your Cat is Plotting to Kill You from The Oatmeal (in print form!).

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Cool cats jamming for a green cat – is that envy?

Three cool cats getting down Рone on the 3 string, one with bugle and one keeping time with a drum. Bright metal atop textured wooden base, these swinging felines declare your love of music with a wink.

Plus you can pick these dudes up by the tail, a move I suggest you avoid with your regular type cat.

3 cool cats at Gifty Things Vintage

Envious green cat at Gifty Things Vintage

Is this guy’s name Clay, does he have feet of clay, or is he made of clay? Utelme

Cats at Gifty Things Vintage