Vintage Treasure Trove: Robert E. Howard

New to arrive in our vintage goodies this week is an impressive collection of Robert E. Howard publications: books, chapbooks, zines, fanzines, and more.

Robert E. Howard was an American pulp fiction author best known for creating the character Conan the Barbarian. In fact, he is widely regarded as the father of the sword and sorcery fantasy subgenre.

From the Robert E. Howard Wikipedia page:

In the pages of the Depression-era pulp magazine Weird Tales, Howard created Conan the Barbarian, a character whose cultural impact has been compared to such icons as Batman, Count Dracula, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, and Tarzan. With Conan and his other heroes, Howard created the genre now known as sword and sorcery, spawning many imitators and giving him a large influence in the fantasy field. Howard remains a highly read author, with his best works still reprinted.

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Vintage Paperbacks: CONAN the Barbarian

Just in at the Book Shop: four vintage paperback Conan the Barbarian books: Conan the Freebooter (1968), Conan the Avenger (1968), Conan of Aquilonia (1977), and Conan of Cimmeria (1969). In case you didn’t know, the description on the book covers above each title informs you that Conan is “THE WORLD’S GREATEST FANTASY-ADVENTURE HERO” in all caps.

Quoting from The Trash Collector site, here’s a little background:

Created in 1932 by pulp writer Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936) for Weird Tales magazine, Conan the Barbarian almost single-handedly spawned the modern sword & sorcery novel, having inspired countless imitators with similarly gutteral, primitive-sounding surnames and the selfsame penchant for bloodshed. The Hyborian exploits of this brusque adventurer–an anti-hero, of sorts–has not only been extensively reprinted in numerous languages, but has also made the transition to such mediums as comic books, film, television, spoken-word adaptations, and even video games. The character is also often associated with famed fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta (1928-present), whose paintings graced many of Howard’s novels in the 1960s and 1970s, and which are still some of the best-selling art prints of their type today.

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