New in Vintage Books: The Pipe Book

Critics, disarm!

And ye, Antiquarians, Archaelogists [sic], Ethnographers, Ethnologists, et hoc genus omne, hold back in their leashes your quivering Fountain-pens! For this is no learned Treatise, but a simple Book, and written thus.

A vintage hardcover of The Pipe Book: The Classic Volume on Pipes and Pipe Smoking by Alfred Dunhill is now in stock. Printed in Great Britain, copyright 1924, 1969, this version says it’s a complete revision with many new photographs. Indeed, almost every page is complete with illustrations and black-and-white photos of pipes throughout history.

From the inner book flap:

Tobacco, pipe, and the smoker are leisurely surveyed throughout the ages in this captivating book. Alfred Dunhill ranges through anthropology, the migration of peoples, cultural history, and folklore with so much wry humor and entertaining anecdote that he will intrigue not only the pipe lover, but anyone interested in the idiosyncracies [sic] of man.

Our price is $13.50.


Vintage Peter Terris Pitcher


New this week in our vintage collectibles is a vintage mid century Peter Terris pitcher in a great “calico leaves” design! Aside from a little bit of wear on the wood lid, it’s in perfectly beautiful condition.



Our price is $26.00.


New Arrival: Vintage Owls Wall Hanging

Owl Carpet Wall Hanging

We’ve added a unique new vintage piece to our owl collection this week: a large carpet and burlap wall hanging. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before – the owls even have adorable googly eyes!

It measures about 46 inches from the hanging loop at the top to the yarn tassel at the bottom. Our price is $21.00.

More Owls!


We definitely have enough owls gathered here this week to officially call them a parliament – vintage salt-and-pepper shakers, figurines, a napkin holder, wall hangings, and more. Check out what we have in stock soon before I decide to take them all home to live with me!

Shop our online store for owls here.

Vintage Books: Minerals, Rocks, Gemstones


Just in this week is a great new batch of vintage mineral, rock, and gemstone books!

Vintage books on rocks, mineral, gemstones

Most of these can be found in our Nature section along with the rest of our nature guides, but a few are in our Collectible/Rare case.


Recent Arrivals: Bluebirds


We have an abundance of bright blue happiness here this week with the arrival of some bluebirds!

These just might be my favorite vintage finds in the entire store right now: two aqua bluebird metal folding TV trays. The design screams 1950s and they’re both in great condition! Our price is $12.00 each.

We also have an entire flock of art glass bluebirds of happiness in stock right now. All of these are signed Leo Ward on the bottom and there are several sizes and variations (I had never seen the kind with their wings open before we found these). Prices run from about $12.00 to $16.00 each.