New Arrival – ROBOTS


Robots: Machines in Man’s Image (1985) by Isaac Asimov and Karen A. Frenkel has arrived.

If you’re into this kind of thing…this is SUCH a cool book! It’s a pleasure to page through it as it’s packed full of illustrations and photos. It covers everything robots: the origins of robots, robots in pop culture and science fiction, industrial robots, actual research and tech, and speculation on the future of robots. It was published in 1985, so part of the fun of this book is looking at these ideas through the lens of that time.

It comes covered in a clear protective book jacket – our price is $8.00.



Vintage Paperbacks: Endless Quest Crimson Crystal Adventures

Now available are all four of the Endless Quest: Crystal Crimson Adventure series books from 1985. These are a spin-off series of a larger series of Endless Quest gamebooks put out by TSR (of Dungeons & Dragons fame).

All four of these books still have their original “crimson crystal” attached in the front. It’s a small sheet of red plastic that can be placed over illustrations in the book to reveal hidden images.

These books are in near-perfect condition; our price is $7.00 each.

Find out more about this series here.