Vintage Paperback: The Four Day Weekend


“What happens to a man when a woman is the boss – even in the 21st Century?”

From our vintage sci fi/fantasy section is this 1966 gem by George Henry Smith, The Four Day Weekend.

The Four Day Weekend - Vintage Paperback

From the back of the book:

It was impossible, of course, because the machines had been ruling everything for 100 years, so what could they revolt against?
They decided people had outlived their usefulness to them, and that genocide of 4 billion people on Planet Earth was the best policy.
And into this incredible situation Charles Henry Hyde was thrust, with a shrew of a wife named Agnes who nagged like it was 1966…

Our price is $5.00.

Vintage Paperbacks: World’s Best Science Fiction

Now available are several vintage Ace World’s Best Science Fiction collections from 1965, 1966, 1967, and 1968.

They’re all in nice condition. Our price is $6.00 each.

Vintage Book: Ho! For the Gold Fields

A 1966 printing of Ho! For the Gold Fields: Northern Overland Wagon Trains of the 1860s is available at the Book Shop. The book was published by the Minnesota Historical Society St. Paul and edited by Helen McCann White. Our price is $9.75

Vintage Paperback: Beyond Belief

A new arrival in our vintage science fiction/fantasy area is this 1966 printing of Beyond Belief: Eight Strange Tales of Otherworlds. The contents are: The Hardest Bargain by Evelyn E. Smith, The Invasion by Robert Willey, It’s Such a Beautiful Day by Isaac Asimov, The Man Who Lost the Sea by Theodore Sturgeon, Phoenix by Clark Ashton Smith, Third from the Sun by Richard Matheson, Keyhole by Murray Leinster, and History Lesson by Arthur C. Clarke. The Book Shop price is $6.00.