From the Girls Just Want to have Fun Collection…

Sparkly is a core value in the Girls Just Want to have Fun section here at Gifty Things Vintage. We have fun finding items for you and you’ll have fun matching outfits and finding one-of-a-kind bargains from among our selection of jools. Lots of beady bags too. Schedule about 20 minutes to see everything.


Get your hippie – boho vibe on

Check out this excellent macrame hanging table. The table is constructed from welded steel rings lushly covered with lime green macrame knotting. This vintage hanging table suspends from the ceiling  and will be the focal point of any room it graces.

Macrame table at Gifty Things Vintage – $85.00

Bay View Furniture 7 drawer desk

Bay View built furniture in Holland, MI from 1907 to 1926. This charming desk (42X20) has sturdy rail and panel construction and 7 drawers. The drawers feature dovetail joinery and move smoothly. This desk has been treated very well over the years and so we added a glass top to preserve the nice finish.

We’ve priced the desk at $195.00.


Crystal Lamps – accenting with light

Over the years, we have seen perhaps a dozen of these simple crystal lamps. Standing 12 inches tall, the lamps use a candelabra type screw-in bulb and feature an inline cord switch.

Add a colored bulb, and you have a unique and attractive accent piece to complement your decor.

Crystal lamps at Gifty Things Vintage




From the House of Cribbage

15-2, 15-4, and a pair for 6: double skunk, (his) Nibs, pegmanship, the Crib, pegging out, Muggins – The game of cribbage has a rich internal vocabulary, plus a kind of mandatory table talk to enhance the leisurely race to move your peg one hole per point and peg out (win) by recognizing winning patterns in a hand of cards.

This finely crafted cribbage set by House of Cribbage is a 4 tracker (meaning up to 4 players at once). The case is dark rosewood with a white maple in-laid track. Hardware is brass. The partitioned interior is plush lined and has a nest for chrome and brass pegs and a sealed deck of cards.

The game set comes with soft cloth sleeve case with Velcro closure to store or transport.

Rosewood and White Maple Cribbage Board



Vintage Peter Terris Pitcher


New this week in our vintage collectibles is a vintage mid century Peter Terris pitcher in a great “calico leaves” design! Aside from a little bit of wear on the wood lid, it’s in perfectly beautiful condition.



Our price is $26.00.


Three Things (with Space Age Souvenirs)

The Nature of the Universe

  1. Vintage souvenir dish from 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, $15.00
  2. The Nature of the Universe by Fred Hoyle (vintage 1958), $5.00
  3. Apollo 11 keychain (vintage 1969), $15.00

Plus a couple of detail shots of the Apollo 11 keychain:

Puzzled? Why a Gifty Things certified jigsaw puzzle?

Simple – Jenny Cook, owner and consummate jigsaw puzzle doer completes each one and certifies all the pieces are in the box. Sometimes, she  prints out a photo of the assembled work and tosses it in the box. Some of the more egregious ones might be initialed…

Puzzle Certification – it’s who we are and what we do.

Puzzles at Gifty Things Vintage.


New Arrival: Vintage Owls Wall Hanging

Owl Carpet Wall Hanging

We’ve added a unique new vintage piece to our owl collection this week: a large carpet and burlap wall hanging. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before – the owls even have adorable googly eyes!

It measures about 46 inches from the hanging loop at the top to the yarn tassel at the bottom. Our price is $21.00.