BOOK SHOP History, since 1988

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FLASHBACK: September, 1988:

Ronald Reagan was President, Sioux Falls had fewer than 100,000 residents, a gallon of gas cost $1.08, and a first-class postage stamp cost $0.22.

We watched “The Wonder Years”, “Roseanne”, and “Murphy Brown” on TV. “Rain Man”, “Big”, and “Die Hard” played at the theater.

Only a few cars had CD players, so we listened to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, “Simply Irresistable” “Got My Mind Set on You”, and “Man in the Mirror” on our radios or cassette players. (At HOME, however, CD’s outsold vinyl for the first time.)

Authors on the bestseller lists that month were Tom Clancy, Judith Krantz, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Stephen Hawking, Donald Trump, and Hunter S. Thompson.

Downtown Sioux Falls was bursting with shopping opportunities. In the 100 block (still on the pedestrian mall !) : Horowitz Jewelers, Bill’s Floral, Shirley’s Hallmark, Designer’s Ltd upscale women’s clothing, and Eastwold Drug and Smoke Shop.

In the 200 Block: more women’s clothing at Kopel’s, Scott’s, Dixie Olson, and Michael’s, with shoes at Johnson’s and Caldwell’s. Fine gifts were available at the Leather Shop, Kitchen Cordial, Galleria, and Brigitte & Co. You could find Native American art at Prairie Star, antiques at the Chopping Block, more flowers at Josephine’s, more art at DCI Galleries, and boys’ clothing at Burke’s. (Kinney’s Shoes stood empty, waiting for the Danz brothers to open their store the following spring!)

In the 300 Block: Still more women’s clothing at Marilyn’s Tall Fashions, more antiques at Cottage Oak and Three & Co, more art at Gallery 306, more jewelry at Bechtold’s, plus photo equipment, furniture, music, skate boards, and sewing machines at Harold’s, Donahue’s, Flood Music and Music Mansion, Shredder’s, and Fonder’s.

Paramount was a photography studio, Optics was Dahl Optical, the Hanson Building still existed, and you could visit a travel agency or have your shoes repaired downtown.

Phillips Avenue eateries included Kelly’s Deli, D’Amato’s Little Italy, Minerva’s, the Nickel Plate, and East Dakota Natural Foods.

The Sidewalk Arts Festival was in it’s 25th year, and was the perfect day for a new bookstore to open at 203 South Phillips—The Book Shop!

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